A Sprint through Guatemala to Belize City

I rose early in the morning, catching the 6:20am collectivo van to the Honduras/Guatemala border at El Florido.  It was a twenty minute ride, and I passed out of Honduras and into Guatemala without any trouble.  I wasn't even asked to pay the 10 Quetzal ($1.25) bribe that I thought was standard when entering Guatemala.  … Continue reading A Sprint through Guatemala to Belize City


A lull in Suchitoto and El Tunco

Suchitoto was boring.  It was a nice enough colonial town that apparently came to life on weekends with art galleries, a place that San Salvadorans escaped to from the heat and madness of the city.  But I was there on a Monday, and it was dead.  It felt like a smaller Granada without all the … Continue reading A lull in Suchitoto and El Tunco

Isla de Ometepe

There are easier ways of getting to Isla de Ometepe than an eleven-hour ferry ride that arrives after midnight. There's one other way; taking a one-hour ferry from San Jorge, 1.5 hours from the capital of Nicaragua or the border with Costa Rica. Sometimes I like to make things hard for myself.  There was an … Continue reading Isla de Ometepe

The Conservation of Energy

Costa Rica is a trap, set by who knows to derail my trip before it barely even starts.  I can see why so many ex-pats end up here.  It's an easy place to drop out; to show up and decide never to move again. There were butterflies in my stomach as I walked to the … Continue reading The Conservation of Energy