Try and try again(and probably again)Trip Report -North Lake Loop – Piute Pass to Lamarck Col – July 6-9, 2015

I was an hour up the trail when it occurred to me that I might have gone the wrong way; instead of being on my way up to and over Lamarck Col, I might be heading up to Piute Pass. An hour of hiking should’ve been enough to come across Lower Lamarck Lake by now, and when … Continue reading Try and try again(and probably again)Trip Report -North Lake Loop – Piute Pass to Lamarck Col – July 6-9, 2015


Los Angeles to Chicago to New York

I walked twenty minutes from the Greyhound station to a hotel in the historic downtown of Los Angeles.  I was stuck there for a night.   From Creel, I had booked my ticket on Amtrak to leave the same day I arrived, but I had called and changed it until Monday when I thought I … Continue reading Los Angeles to Chicago to New York

El Chepe

The bus the Chihuahua was an hour late.  There are no departure boards at Mexican bus stations, you just stand on the platform and wait for a bus with your destination on the front to show up. Bus after bus pulled up at the Zacatecas station, and none of them were for Ciudad Juarez, which … Continue reading El Chepe

Baja to Los Angeles

I woke late on Tuesday morning, knowing the ferry from Topolobampo to La Paz, on the Baja Peninsula, didn't leave until midnight. I didn't need to check out of my hotel until noon, and I needed to figure out what to do with those twelve hours hours in between. Travel should have taught me by … Continue reading Baja to Los Angeles

Guanajuato and Zacatecas

The bus to Mexico City was a quick six hours.  Arid mountain scrubland passed outside the window.  I dozed on and off.I was 80 days into my trip, and the constant travel and planning had caught up with me long before.  Travel isn't as much a vacation as it is a job you take on, … Continue reading Guanajuato and Zacatecas

San Cristobal and Oaxaca

The rain followed me to San Cristobal.  I thought, on the twisting road through the Chiapas highlands, that I'd outrun it on the six hour bus ride, but it was there, waiting, as I walked out of the bus station in San Cristobal.  I should've taken a taxi to my hotel, but I was wearing … Continue reading San Cristobal and Oaxaca

Caye Caulker to Palenque, Mexico

It was raining our final morning in Caye Caulker, downpouring. The power went out at 4am, before a generator kicked on.  I woke up with a start and looked at my phone to make sure we hadn't overslept.  At that point, we were both awake.  I went outside to take down the clothes we had … Continue reading Caye Caulker to Palenque, Mexico

Caye Caulker

The bus ride to Belize City was uneventful. The bus never got overcrowded, and it was hot but not unbearable.  It wasn't raining, so the windows could be kept open allowing for a breeze, and since it was direct, there wasn't much stopping and starting along the way. We walked the ten minutes to the … Continue reading Caye Caulker