Lake Angeles Redux

I arrived at the Wilderness information center in Port Angeles 930am, about three hours after leaving Seattle. For a summer Saturday, the line for permits was not too bad. Most of the people ahead of me were headed to the Pacific coast beaches, and the rangers were telling them to be prepared to spend the … Continue reading Lake Angeles Redux



Yesterday, (Monday, May 12)the fiftieth day of my trip, halfway home, a trip the purpose of which was to rapidly dislocate myself from the comfort of home, a place I know, to someplace faraway, foreign, unfamiliar, and make my way slowly back, was appropriately spent in four buses and two taxis for twelve hours getting … Continue reading Halfway

Passing Through

This morning I sat on the front patio of my hostel in Santa Elena at 6:00am drinking coffee, watching the rain blow through in endless tides of mist. It started raining yesterday afternoon as I was hiking up the highest peak in the area, Cerro Amigos(a hike abandoned halfway up when I realized the advertised … Continue reading Passing Through

The Conservation of Energy

Costa Rica is a trap, set by who knows to derail my trip before it barely even starts.  I can see why so many ex-pats end up here.  It's an easy place to drop out; to show up and decide never to move again. There were butterflies in my stomach as I walked to the … Continue reading The Conservation of Energy

The strange and the familiar

There are strange bird sounds made by unfamiliar and unseen birds and the sound of crunching footsteps on the dirt road just the other side of the hedge full of flowers I don't recognize coming through the screened window of my hotel room in Puerto Jimenez.  There is air-conditioning but I am leaving it off … Continue reading The strange and the familiar