Sunrise, Sunset; New Years Day 2019

Looking East Golden morning Mountain's not out Creeping light Sunset on Mt Rainier The Brothers


Snow Lake and Gem Lake

It was raining, and the sound of water was everywhere as I pulled into the Alpental parking lot at 7:45am in the last-day-of-daylight-savings dark dawn. The swish-swish of the windshield wipers gave way to the drizzle patter of drops on my poncho and, somewhere unseen, the muffled white noise of water falling a long way … Continue reading Snow Lake and Gem Lake

Upper Lena Lake overnight

The trail to Upper Lena Lake starts out on the trail to Lena Lake at about 700’ elevation, climbing steadily but manageably over a well-maintained Forest Service trail for 1300’ vertical in just over 3 miles. It’s a relatively easy walk, so Lena Lake is a popular place, and the campground was already near full … Continue reading Upper Lena Lake overnight

Lake Angeles Redux

I arrived at the Wilderness information center in Port Angeles 930am, about three hours after leaving Seattle. For a summer Saturday, the line for permits was not too bad. Most of the people ahead of me were headed to the Pacific coast beaches, and the rangers were telling them to be prepared to spend the … Continue reading Lake Angeles Redux